Clubbed in the head

Tulkinghorn sends a get well message to Burton Copeland partner HarryTravers, who is

nursing a head injury following a freak golfing accident.Travers, a top fraud lawyer

with clients ranging from Darius Guppy toVictoria Aitken, hit a shot of Jean van de

Velde proportions while playinga course on holiday in Spain.Young Harry, his ball up

against a tree, attempted to thrash it out of theundergrowth. But how the best laid

schemes of mice and men gang aft agley -to quote some Scottish poet or other. For Harry

swung for the ball and inthe follow-through his club struck the tree and split in

two.Part of the club rebounded off the tree, hitting Harry with a heavy blowacross the

head. Blood pouring from the wound, Harry rushed to the nearesthospital in Malaga, where

a plastic surgeon elegantly sewed nine stitchesinto the wound.There was, at least, a

Pyrrhic victory for Travers. He somehow managed toget the luxury hotel he was staying

at to foot the u400 bill for themedical treatment.