Special report: private client

Three new private client special reports discuss topical issues affecting the sector. Read here for the details.

Special report: private clientIn the first article Peter Baughan argues that a decade of high profile cases and escalating payouts has made London the “divorce capital of the world.”

While the flexible laws have been beneficial in some cases, UK courts have “suffered from the lack of clarity” that has meant payouts varying wildly from year to year. Could 2009 could be the year that reform catches up with the UK’s 40-year-old divorce laws?

In the second article Michael Alden says the ‘inevitable’ commoditisation of legal sectors could effect the private client sector more than most.

This change, he argues, should be accepted and embraced by private client lawyers, as one of “commoditisation’s success stories” – success that could mean as yet unseen economic benefits.

Never has it been more important to take care of the pennies. As the UK Government looks to top up the coffers and tighten the public purse strings, the überwealthy will be watching to see how new tax legislation will affect their bank accounts, both at home and offshore.

The third private client special report examines how the high-net-worth community will respond to a 45 per cent income tax band, which is due to be introduced in 2011.

The report also takes a look at the Finance Act 2008 and how it is expected to be tested this year, when private client lawyers, who have already become accustomed to creative lawyering, will be seeking out innovative solutions to increasingly complex dilemmas.

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