Field Fisher ties up Spanish and Italian firms to Euro alliance

Field Fisher Waterhouse is poised to sign up Spanish and Italian firms to its European Legal Alliance.

Spanish firm Jiminez de Parga and Italian firm La Scala & Associati will be voted in by alliance members this week.

The alliance was launched in April 2002 as an attempt to offer all the service features of a merged firm without the difficult integration issues associated with profit-sharing structures.

Other members of the alliance are Buse Heberer Fromm (Germany), Beauchamps (Ireland), Dubarry Le Douarin Veil (France), Harper Macleod (Scotland) and Field Fisher Waterhouse (England).

La Scala & Associati has offices in Milan, Turin, Vicenza, Padua, Verona and Mantova. Jiminez de Parga has offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.