Sensuous scribe lets sleeping clerk lie

READING Crown Court has followed the example of Mishcon De Reya in having its own poet in residence.

But unlike Mishcons' poet, the scribe at Reading is most definitely unofficial.

She is also anonymous and her verse is distinctly salacious.

She struck her quill recently during a major fraud trial, taking advantage of the moment when 11 Stone Buildings senior clerk Christopher Berry who was attending court to watch his head of chambers in action nodded off.

He awoke in the crowded courtroom to find a mysterious note attached to his suit.

Scrawled across it was a 12-line poem, in a feminine hand, which had evidently been written in a hurry.

'I've a thing' about clerks,' it began. 'Specially in the dark. Can I get my hands on you, and if I do, will the judge tell by the smudge of lipstick on your collar?'

The verse continued in a similar but distinctly more risque vein before finally inviting Berry to 'be my Superman'.

A source at the chambers suggested that Berry now realised that understanding the needs of clients is perhaps even more of a buzz word than he previously appreciated.'