Litigation Writs 27/1/98

Nicholas Nixon, who claims he was wrongfully dismissed by Alfred McAlpine (International), is suing the company for damages for alleged breach of an employment contract in August 1995, wrongful dismissal and misrepresentation.

Writ issued by Hodge Jones & Allen, London NW1.

Legal practice Masons, of London EC1, is suing Iaf Properties of London EC4, for £93,134 plus interest in respect of legal services provided to the company but which it is claimed, in breach of contract, have not been paid for.

Writ issued by Masons, London EC1.

Round the world walker Ffoyna Campbell is at the centre of pending High Court litigation. Two writs have been issued by her one against Orion Publishing Group of London WC2 in respect of hardback and paperback editions of her book and the other against Express Newspapers in respect of an article published on pages 48 and 49 of the Express on 4 November 1996.

Writs issued by Bindman & Partners, London WC1.

A former Clwyd collier is seeking compensation. Felix McBride, who has been assessed as 40 per cent disabled and suffers from chronic bronchitis and emphysema, is suing the British Coal Corporation and Kavener Construction of Rickmansworth. He blames his disability on exposure to coal and stone dust fumes from when he worked as a miner between 1953 and 1986 at collieries in the north and south Wales coal fields.

Writ issued by Browell Smith & Goodyear, Newcastle upon Tyne.

A property company which had to pay compensation of more than £3m over property valuations made by an employee without its knowledge is suing its insurers for damages. The writ claims that James Lancaster made property valuations without the knowledge, consent or authority of his employer, Hawk Residential. However, Hawk was sued and ordered to pay £3,456,123 compensation to Mercantile Credit Co, in respect of money lost as a result of lending on the strength of the valuations provided by Lancaster in respect of hotels. Hawk is now suing 18 lead ing insurance companies and Lloyd's underwriters for a full indemnity or damages.

Writ issued by Eversheds, Bristol.