Wilder v Leeds Eastern Health Authority QBD 16 October 1998

Claimant: David Wilder, 38

Incident: Medical negligence

Injuries: Claimant, a singer songwriter, underwent plastic surgery at St James' University Hospital, Leeds, in August 1988 for levelling of contours on left side of face which had been left hollow from bout of cancer in his teens. Claimed that when treatment was complete he was left with lump on the side of his face. Despite two more operations to reduce the size of the lump, alleged he looked far worse than he did before the initial operation. Result was he had to win back the self confidence needed to achieve success in the music business. Contended that consultant plastic surgeon gave him inadequate warnings and advice about scale of operation. Further operations were needed to remodel a flap of skin that had been taken from his upper arm and grafted on to his face using microvascular techniques

Award: £125,000

Judge: Judge Peter Baker QC

Plaintiff's counsel: John Reddihough

Plaintiff's solicitors: Anthony Gold Lerman & Muirhead, London SE

Munson v Darby QBD 25 November 1998

Claimant: Raymond Munson, Incident: Road traffic accident

Injuries: Christine Munson, 35, wife of claimant, knocked off cycle. Initially she remained conscious after accident but then lapsed into a coma and died later the same day. She is survived by her husband, the claimant, who claimed on behalf of himself and their daughters aged 11 and 1Award: £135,000 (agreed damages, of which daughters will each receive £10,000)

Judge: Mr Justice Curtis

Plaintiff's counsel: Steven Weddle

Plaintiff's solicitors: Gepp & Sons, Chinford

Green v Green QBD 26 November

Claimant: Corinna Green, 15

Incident: Road traffic accident

Injuries: Claimant, a passenger in car driven by her father, left so severely brain damaged after head-on collision seven years ago, she was regarded as being in a persistent vegetative state. However, she is said to have staged a miraculous recovery and now attends a special school. She has managed to learn basic sign language. She will, nevertheless, be dependent on care of others for the rest of her life

Award: £1,850,000

Judge: Mr Justice Wright

Plaintiff's counsel: Christopher Purchas QC and Ms R Coe

Plaintiff's solicitors: Everatt & Co, Evesham