Piers Morgan’s human rights tact

This year’s most telling comment on privacy law? No, not tucked away in some Court of Appeal judgment, but in this month’s GQ.

We’re not joking. Check out Piers Morgan’s interview with Naomi Campbell, five years after the Daily Mirror – under Morgan’s editorship – published photos of her coming out of a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. As any tabloid reader can tell you, the case ended up in the House of Lords.

Anyway, so what does Morgan say in GQ? “I do now think that matters of health should be private… Naomi, you were right.”

So we thought we’d ask Naomi’s lawyer, Keith Schilling, for a comment. He told us: “It was a fantastic case to work on for over four years. It’s made a very real difference to English law. Without the Campbell decision in the House of Lords we wouldn’t have been HRA [Human Rights Act]-compliant in this country.

“Naomi showed enormous fortitude taking the case that far and it’s a real credit to Piers Morgan that he’s now said he believes Naomi was right.”

Schilling’s response is beautifully diplomatic. For he now counts among his roster of celebrity clients none other than… Morgan.