Nabarros rebrands as Nabarro for “user-friendly” image

The firm formerly known as Nabarro Nathanson has radically overhauled its identity, dispersing with Nathanson and even rejecting its informal moniker, Nabarros.

From today, the mid-size City firm has requested that it be known simply as “Nabarro.”

A firm statement read: “But this is just the start. After reflecting on how clients perceived the firm, as straightforward, practical and clear, it has updated its corporate identity to reflect that image. Clients want user-friendly law…Nabarro cuts through complexity to provide clear, understandable, top quality advice which enables the client’s business to progress. “

The letter-dropping name-change is part of an ongoing rebranding of the
firm, which brought in revenue of £107.8m last year.

Senior partner, Simon Johnston said: “Shortening our name to Nabarro is part of a wider rebranding of our firm on the theme ‘Clarity Matters’. This initiative puts clarity at the heart of everything we do… You will see this reflected in our day-to-day business, in our literature and on our website.”