Linklaters bods go all-out for vods

It seems it is not only The Lawyer that has launched a new pod and vodcast service: one magic circle firm has gone crazy for the new technology.

Linklaters has turned to vodcasts as a novel way to cut the number of chargeable hours wasted on that little thing called legal research. The movies, as most would imagine, are not that exciting. Rather than action-packed James Bond-style flicks, the firm has plumped for partners’ monologues. And Giles White doesn’t even don a tuxedo.

It’s the partners in the banking practice that have become the first stars of Linklaters’ cyber-films, which inform the firm’s lawyers about any developments in the law. And linked to the vodcasts, for those who have not already done their homework, are the relevant judgments, along with crib notes on the issue.

Linklaters has previous here. Its management elections were preceded by candidates presenting their manifestos online. White obviously developed a taste for the silver screen.

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