Former Bird & Bird chair plots passage to India

The former chairman of Bird & Bird Hamish Sandison will now plot the firm’s entry into India after standing down last week.

Sandison stood down ahead of the firm’s elections because of his desire for the firm to elect a non-UK-based chairman. He has been replaced by Sweden managing partner Michael Frie.

“I’ve argued for a non-UK-based chairman for many years now. We now have more lawyers outside the UK than in, with local lawyers practising in their own jurisdictions. I call it the non-Colonial model,” said Sandison.

He will now turn his attention back to his IT practice and towards India, from where he has just returned from an exploratory business trip.

The firm has a handful of Indian firms with which it works on outsourcing deals, as well as other commercial and corporate transactions. Sandison is now keen to build that practice. “If we follow the non-Colonial model, we’ll be looking for local lawyers working under the Bird & Bird name,” Sandison said.

Chief executive David Kerr was re-elected unopposed, as he has been in the previous two elections.