College of Law 2 follow BPP’s txt result service

The College of Law has followed BPP Law School in shunning traditional mail for text messaging to let applicants know that they have been successful.

While BPP has sent texts and emails to successful applicants since last year, 1 February marked the first time that the College of Law used text messages to inform students of the outcomes of their applications.

BPP chief executive Peter Crisp said: “I come from a slightly older generation, but for students today mobile phones are like another limb. It’s hip and cool to send texts.”

Once the Law Courses Central Application Board makes its decision, law schools are free to communicate the results to students in whatever way they see fit, said Crisp.

He added that the new system had received positive feedback. “Students are understandably anxious about their results,” he said. “With texts and email, we can let people know immediately.”