Three cheers for the CPS

Tony Holland (Viewpoint The Lawyer 13 August) asks whether he is the only person who has noticed the importance of the CPS and feels concern for his future.

He is not. I fully share his concern. The CPS is an essential pivot in the magistrates courts system. Cuts to its budget affect not only workload, but courtroom use, justices' sittings and the deployment (and possibly unemployment) of staff. They could even, if matters go too far, contribute to the continued undermining of local justice and bring further courthouse closures.

All of that, without even touching on the needs of communities to see offenders properly brought to book and dealt with by the courts. Perhaps Tony Holland and I might set up a CPS Supporters' Club and urge our constituent members not to stand idly by while the service starves and becomes enfeebled before our eyes?

Rosemary Thomson


Magistrates Association.