A classic 'no can doism'

In the 13 August issue you quote Karen Aldred of the Law Society as saying that the society "favoured the principles of the schemes but attempts to create them had proved unviable in the past" ("Call for Scots-style housing groups").

Unfortunately, Ms Aldred's negative statement is wholly redolent of the "no-can-doism" which has been so prevalent at Chancery Lane. Over the years they have resisted our appeals to make changes in the practice rules to let solicitors compete on equal terms with estate agents. For example, an estate agent can organise a mortgage for a buyer but the Law Society will not allow a solicitor to do as much. Are we less trustworthy than estate agents?

If, as Ms Aldred says, the Law Society favours the principle of solicitors' property centres, what is it doing about it? Would the Law Society be prepared to fund a pilot scheme to see if the Glasgow initiative could be emulated in a city in England and Wales?

Talk is cheap. If the Law Society is serious about protecting solicitors' share of the conveyancing market then here is a really exciting opportunity to do something about it.

Gerald Funnell


Solicitors Property Group.