Tuition kicks off National Law Week

STUDENTS in up to 2,000 schools across the UK are set to receive legal tuition from members of the profession as part of National Law Week.

Senior pupils will have the opportunity to take a lesson from lawyers in schools throughout the country through the Young Solicitors' Group's Outlaw programme.

YSG chair Andy Unger says the group is looking for solicitors to take part in the project, which will run from 22 to 28 May. The Citizenship Foundation is providing a database of schools to target for the project, but Unger says solicitors can either choose a school to visit or be provided with the name of a school in their area.

Solicitors will use a YSG educational video to inform students about both civil and criminal law, as well as discussing various legal issues.

Unger says the group decided to run the programme because of the need among the younger generation for a greater legal knowledge.