Litigation Writs 26/09/95

A Sutton woman 'widowed' a fortnight before she was to be married, is seeking compensation in respect of her fiance's death. Pauline Whybrow's fiance fell to his death from scaffolding in a building site accident two years ago. She is suing the former employers of Stuart Whybrow, SGB Services of Isleworth, Middlesex. The writ says Whybrow was killed two weeks before he and Pauline were to marry and that despite his death she changed her name to Whybrow.

Writ issued by Tuck & Mann, Guildford. W664.

Francis Gore, of King's Lynn, is being sued over an accident in which a car he was driving is said to have hit a man unloading suitcases from a car parked in London's Hyde Park Place in June 1994. Victim of the accident was John O'Malley, of London W9.

Writ issued by Batchelors, Bromley, Kent. O989.

Car passenger Mark Virdee, of Greenford, Middlesex, who was badly hurt in a road accident in August 1992, is suing Matthew O'Flaherty, also of Greenford. The writ says he was a passenger in O'Flaherty's Peugeot when it was involved in a crash with another vehicle. Virdee, 31, suffered a head injury, a broken right arm, dislocated left hip and injuries to his right elbow and left knee. He was off work for two months and on his return found he was less capable of doing his work and was forced to take time off work because of his pain. He lost his job in May 1993 because of absenteeism caused by his injuries, remains unfit for work and unemployed, and he will be handicapped on the labour market.

Writ issued by Howe & Co, Ealing, London W5. V504.

Tape Converters, of Welwyn Garden City, is being sued by a former employee who suffered severe injuries to his left hand after an accident with a paper cutting machine. Gordon Purdy, 43, says that in the accident on 16 November 1993, his left hand came into contact with the blade and he suffered severe lacerations to his left thumb and index finger. The writ accuses the company of negligence for allegedly failing to fence a dangerous part of the machine and failing to ensure his workplace was safe. He also accuses the company of failure to supervise him, failure to ensure he received adequate training and failure to provide him with a safe system of work.

Writ issued by Turner & Debenhams, Borehamwood. P993.