Law Society takes show on the road

The Law Society this week launches its programme of roadshows to improve links between the leadership and the membership.

Society President Charles Elly, director of the Solicitors Complaints Bureau Veronica Lowe and head of the legal practice directorate Andrew Lockley will be among the team of top officials meeting members in Exeter.

“We are not going to lecture; we are going to listen and inform,” says Henry Hodge, the society's deputy vice president.

“We want to hear from the membership what their concerns are, and we also want to tell them what we are up to. It's a two-way flow,” he says.

The events were prompted by response to the society's survey of high street firms and the pressures they face.

Members can turn up on the day but refreshments will not be available to those who fail to book.

* The venues will be: Exeter, 13 Jan. Truro, 27 Jan. Oxfordshire, 10 Feb. Durham, 3 March. Swansea, 29 March. Sheffield, 7 April. Haydock, 4 May. London, 10 May. Huddersfield, 12 May. Winchester, 31 May. Bristol, 2 June. Leicester, 22 June. Birmingham, 28 June. Wigan, 3 July. London, 24 July.