Isma signs Perfect deal for on-line prospectuses

Linda Tsang reports

On-line information provider Perfect Information has signed an exclusive agreement with the International Securities Market Association (Isma) to provide its users with access to over 11,000 prospectuses for international securities.

Perfect users will be able to access any document, which will be displayed as an image on a PC screen. The facilities also allow users to find a prospectus by identifying its main features, such as name of issuer, type of issue, the currency or lead manager, or to search for a group of bonds which have the same features.

Information manager at Freshfields Alun Davies said: "The addition of the Isma collection to the Perfect system makes an already useful system even more valuable to any City practice."

Perfect's on-line service, which currently provides images of financial documents from companies quoted on the London Stock Exchange, is used in 12 of the UK's top 15 solicitors firms, six of the top 10 accountants and 32 of the top 40 financial advisers.

Managing director of Isma, the only global securities market regulator for secondary market activity in international debt, Roy Lambert said: "This is the first time a comprehensive collection of prospectuses for international securities will be available worldwide, enabling the user to collate and retrieve data in a fraction of the time previously required."