Tulkinghorn: Safety drill

Bandwagon-jumping alert! Tulkinghorn received the following missive from Lehmann Communications on behalf of Russell-Cooke on 13 October.

(In case the importance of that date has already slipped your mind – how fickle you are – it was the very day the first of the Chilean miners emerged blinking from the top of a 2,000ft escape shaft.)

“Just wondered if a short article on the below would be of interest to you,” bleated the PR. “’Chilean miners – examining employers’ obligations to employees to provide safe working environments having regard to contractual, statutory and common law requirements. Referring to the issue with the Chilean miners and considering the potential legal exposures.’”
Dear oh dear. The Christmas party warnings can surely only be weeks away.

Muse schmooze

There are some unlooked for benefits to being one of the subjects of a best-­selling book. Namely, the author may decide to pop over to your place and do a book signing in front of your fawning fans.

This was the scene over the summer at Sullivan & Cromwell, when Andrew Ross Sorkin dropped in to sign a few copies of his best-selling financial crisis epic Too Big to Fail.

The host? Former SullCrom chairman and Too Big to Fail fixture Rodge Cohen, the omnipresent US lawyer and Sorkin best buddy.

Incidentally, word reaches Tulkinghorn that, although Cohen relinquished the chairman role at SullCrom to real estate partner Joe Shenker at the start of this year, his job title now is ’senior chairman’.

As one SullCrom partner puts it: “We’re not stupid you know, we know what we’ve got.”

Law of the dance 
The words ’San Disco ­Reggaefornia’ probably don’t mean a lot to most UK lawyers – they meant nada to Tulkinghorn.

But to M-Law founder Matt ­Higdon they’re very important indeed.

Higdon, an ­entertainment lawyer who co-founded M-Law with fellow Charles Russell refugee Chris Hutchings, is also co-founder of a music publishing ­company, the name of which
is Voxwatch.

“We publish ’San Disco Reggaefornia’ on Jason Mraz’s live EP, which is currently at ­number 39 in the US album charts,” says ­Higdon. “It also looks like it’ll be the next single.”

Tulkinghorn, for his part, is looking forward to the impending rerelease of super-hot crooner Bing Crosby’s seminal smash White Christmas. Bring on the Bing.

Come to the cabaret

Tulkinghorn usually steers clear of charity stories. Not because of his grumpiness, you understand, but because once one throws open the floodgates to ­goodwill and cheer the inbox is saturated with do-gooders. And nobody wants that.

This, however, is an exception. Kim Seward, a trainee legal executive in the personal injury team at Preston firm Marsden Rawsthorn Solicitors, is to perform at North West cabaret night and Aids fundraiser Red Ribbon.

Tulkinghorn understands Seward will ­perform at the event, which has previously featured artists such as Take That, under her stage name of Miss Eva Fox.

“Red Ribbon cabaret night is a fabulous event and I’m thrilled to be involved,” trills Seward, who lists her influences as Doris Day, Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe.

Tulkinghorn might just break the habit of a ­lifetime and venture north for the bash.

The cabaret will be held on 24 and 26 November 2010 at the Empire ­Theatre, Blackburn, and Preston’s 53 Degrees. ­Tickets start at £11 and all funds raised on the night and through ticket sales will go to charity.