Driven to drink

Tulkinghorn would like to extend congratulations to Beachcroft Wansbroughs managing partner Bob Heslett, who recently won his height in brandy.

Heslett had taken his little 1963 Aston Martin to Angoulême in France to compete in a beauty contest – for sports cars. The Aston had serious competition in the shape of many other Gallic automobiles, but was admired by all, scooping Heslett the grand prize of eight cases of the best cognac.

According to a local paper, Le Grand-Angoulême, the proud owner, a certain Monsieur “Meslett”, “jumped for joy” on hearing the news. Heslett (or Meslett) then magnaminously auctioned off three cases of the booze, netting a children’s charity €700 (£487). As the local rag said, very “grand seigneur”.