The Lawyer Inquiry: Sophie Nappert was born in Canada. She is a solicitor at the London office of Masons.

What subjects did you fail at school?


What was your first job?


What was your first ever salary as a lawyer?

You mean some of us actually get paid for doing this?

What would you have done if you hadn't been a lawyer?

Travel writer.

What was your most satisfying professional moment?

Winning my first trial despite all my witnesses telling the exact opposite story on the stand from what they had told me.

What was your most embarrassing professional moment?

Having to endure the unwelcome attentions of a client, whose hands were straying under the table, at an official dinner.

What do you like least about being a lawyer?

The fact that most non-lawyers, including clients, think that they can do the job better themselves.

And the best thing about being a lawyer?

The law, when I happen to come across it.

What annoys you most about clients?

I adore the clients and I will not hear a bad word against them.

Who do you most admire, and why?

Brian Davenport QC, the former head of research at Norton Rose, my old firm, for his remarkable brain and wit and his ability to keep a sense of humour in the face of adversity.

Which famous person or historical figure would be your ideal client, and why?

Bill Clinton – I would, however, make it very clear that cigars are not an acceptable form of payment.

What is your most annoying habit?

I constantly reapply make-up in times of extreme stress.

What is your biggest fear?

Losing my lipstick in times of extreme stress.

How do you relax?

I travel and I learn poems by heart.

What is your most precious possession?

My brain.

Where would you most like to be right now?

Skiing in Canada.

In 10 years' time where do you see yourself?

In my grave, having succumbed to extreme stress – but with impeccable make-up.