Hair today…

A dear friend of mine, while holidaying in Cuba, refrained from shaving for some four weeks in respect of the revolutionary hero Che Guevara. He even turned Communist, albeit for a mere eight weeks.

Anthony Scrivener QC, who certainly has revolutionary blood, having once formed a rebel group called The Slate which was committed to overhauling the Bar Council, asked his troops, the enlightened clerks of 2-3 Gray's Inn Square, not to shave for a week to raise money for Children In Need. Some £700 was raised and, luckily for Scrivener, none converted to Communism in the process. However, in a flyer entitled 'Freedom', Scrivener does call for his 'troops' to rename his set the Che Guevara Chambers. This is not to promote world freedom generally, but rather to “bring in a lot of work for the Planning Bar”.

Long live the revolution.