Needs of individuals come top of agenda, says world network

LONDON firm Palmer Cowen has initiated a new association of international law firms which will focus on the needs of individual businesspeople as well as multi national companies.

Law Link has member firms in Bahrain, Lebanon, India, Syria, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Germany, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UK.

Palmer Cowen, which has an office in Bahrain, is the only UK member firm.

Law Link members will have exclusive lines of referral within the association, providing the client approves and the firm offers appropriate speciality.

Palmer Cowen partner John Riddick said that the main difference between Law Link and existing legal networks was that member firms were keen to cater for individual businesspeople.

“We are interested in multinationals as well, but most of our work is for internationally minded businesses and individuals,” he said.

It is anticipated that Law Link membership will assist firms working with inter national commercial agreements, real estate transactions and offshore trusts.

The association may also be used by businessmen moving from one country to another within Law Link's jurisdiction, with member firms advising on immigration, taxation, succession matters.

The association's international representation looks set to expand.

“Plans are already well developed to expand into the Pacific rim and to widen coverage in Middle Eastern states,” said Riddick.