Litigation Recent Decisions 26/03/96

Council's duties to the chronically disabled

R v Islington London Borough Council, ex parte Jonathan Rixon (by his mother and next friend Stephanie Rixon) (1996).

QBD (Sedley J).

Summary: Application for judicial review of a local authority's duties towards chronically disabled person.

Application on behalf of a severely disabled male person who is now 25 and is blind, microcephalic, practically immobile, doubly incontinent and largely unable to communicate for judicial review of the alleged failures by the respondent local authority to make the necessary provision for the applicant's social, recreational and educational needs. The applicant suffers from severe deformities of the chest and spine, a hiatus hernia and permanent digestive disorder, is the size and weight of a small child and is helpless, being totally dependent on the care of his mother and others.