Firm moved to help Dunblane community

Devon firm Scott Richards is drafting free wills for clients in an effort to raise funds for the devastated town of Dunblane.

The firm's offices in Teignmouth, Dawlish and Torquay will each have a partner drawing up free wills until Easter.

The solicitors will tell clients what they would normally be charged, and encourage them to donate what they can to the firm's Dunblane fund.

Managing partner at Teignmouth Paul Dyson said he hoped donations would make four figures, but it was too early to tell how successful the fund-raising would be.

He said Teignmouth and Dawlish were deeply affected by the Dunblane tragedy, as the towns were a similar size and also had a lot of close-knit family ties.

“You relate to it a little bit better when you're in a place like we are,” Dyson said.

“It was heart-breaking really and we wanted to help out.”

Dyson said he hoped the fund-raising would have the other positive effect of encouraging more people to make wills. “If it is the straw that breaks the camel's back in getting people to make a will then it benefits everyone.”