Lovells’ smokers put out

With less than two days to go until England becomes a smoke-free zone, City law firm Lovells is being forced to close the doors on its smoking room for the last time.

The firm has housed a designated room for smokers at its Atlantic House headquarters since moving into the building in 2000. However, under the terms of the legislation, which comes into effect at 6am on Sunday (1 July), smoking will be banned in all workplaces across the country.

There are only around 20 smokers in the building, but one, who said he was anticipating the ban with “nervous dread”, said the room would be sorely missed.

“I’m not looking forward to the prospect of spending many hours stalking the streets of London to get a moment’s legal fagging in,” he added.

The firm is seeking suggestions from staff on how to use the room in future. Ideas are being accepted until next Friday (6 July) and a decision will be made soon after. So far suggestions have included a multi-faith prayer room.