Going up in smoke

Smokers, the English smoking ban is only a week away (it kicks in this Sunday, 1 July, in case you’d overlooked this seismic event).

Cue some highly frustrated partners who will no longer be able to light up in their favourite meeting rooms.

Now most lawyers have, of course, already had to stub it out in the workplace and have become permanent pavement huggers, assuming they didn’t drop the habit altogether.

Take the inimitable Mike Pullen, DLA Piper‘s champion of all things right on. “It doesn’t bother me that I can’t smoke at work because I don’t anyway, I only smoke cigars when I’m relaxing,” he said. “But it does bother me that it’s another example of the new puritans eroding my civil liberties, like the right to shoot.” Good to see the DLA Piper Rottweiler tendency is still in good health.

Monica Burch at Addleshaw Goddard has a more positive spin. “I see it as another siren call to give up again,” she said.

Over at Macfarlanes, however, a bunch of mischievous partners recently told one of Tulkinghorn’s scribes how amusing they found it that senior partner Robert Sutton is going to have to give up smoking cigars in the office as of 1 July.

Let’s leave it to golf’s US Open winner Angel Cabrera to have the final word on the matter: “Some players have psychologists, some have sportologists. I smoke.” Not any more you don’t, mate.

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