Partner quits Wessing taking total to sixteen

Yet another Wessing partner has quit the firm – but has not followed his 15 former colleagues to Andersen Luther.

Intellectual property (IP) partner Johann Pitz has instead joined Vossius & Partner, a Munich-based patent firm. Pitz said that the loss of Wessing’s chairman Wolfgang von Meibom and several other partners had prompted thoughts of change.
He said: “I like the firm very much. I was a Wessing man. I helped establish the patent group with Wolfgang in Düsseldorf.”
Pitz stressed that this is not an acrimonious move. “This is not a decision against Wessing or Andersen, but a decision in favour of Vossius,” he said.
Vossius is a niche IP practice that unites patent attorneys with patent lawyers. Pitz believes that this set-up will become standard in the future. Wessing IP partner Wolfgang Rehmann said of Pitz’s departure: “He’s a Bavarian and he’s going home to Munich.”