Calling the shots

Tulkinghorn always thought they were a photogenic lot over at Ince & Co, but he had to admit he was stunned to come across a gleaming photo album of the partners and lawyers in the firm’s reception.

The book boasted no captions, not even the names of the subjects. Just bold, colour, extreme close-up shots of professional and serious-looking men and women.

Intrigued, Tulkinghorn quizzed David Steward, the firm’s marketing partner. “I don’t know how he’s done it, but he’s made us look good,” said Steward of photographer Tim Soar. “And we’ve got a few bruisers over here.”

Tulkinghorn is sure he wasn’t referring to senior partner Peter Rogan. Further investigation revealed that Soar had created the book as a thankyou to outgoing and legendary marketing manager Norine Riches, who left the firm on 30 June to become a psychosexual therapist.

Riches had, according to Soar’s wife and business partner Lorna, gone “out of her way” to marshal the various and usually unwilling partners and senior lawyers for the photo sessions in London, Paris and Greece. Unfortunately, Riches left the book behind, hence its residence in Ince’s reception. Another copy is set to wing its way Riches-ward soon, while Soar liked the pics so much he’s thinking of lodging a copy with the National Portait Gallery. So now anyone can pop along and take a squiz at it. Even Norine.