Wragges loots referral firm for Paris launch

This is Wragges’ fourth international office and marks a departure from its previous approach of making niche launches.

Wragges senior partner Quentin Poole said a broad church was necessary in Paris to provide a “resilient solution” on cross-European deals while also giving it a leg-up on ­projects in the Middle East and Francophone North Africa.

Eight of the team were partners at LPA and the other two were due to be promoted. The team includes Simon Lowe, who managed the referral relationship from the LDA side.

Phillippe Lefèvre, co-founder of LPA, said the raid would put an end to the two firms’ referral ­relationship.

“Wragges was one of our good friends, it came as a surprise. If we have business to refer [in future], probably we’ll select ­another firm,” said Lefèvre.

He added that LPA had begun recruiting to fill the roles, saying: “Headhunters are trying to pick up people who remain, but we’re not for sale.”

The partners will become members of Wragges’ UK LLP.