Hammonds’ clients to grill wannabe lawyers

If the panel is successful the firm, which often recruits trainees from its vacation schemes, will introduce it on a regular basis.

As part of the process clients will be given the opportunity to grill candidates and will offer their opinions on how they would rate them as part of their client team.

Hammonds’ newly elected graduate recruitment partner Mike Butler said: “The clients have been very enthusiastic about it and are keen to get involved. We, like many other firms, often recruit from the ­vacation scheme and this will really help to get a sense of who the candidates are and how they’ll perform as part of the firm.”

In a separate move, ­Hammonds has come ­forward as the first firm this year to officially announce that it is extending its trainee deferral programme.

It has asked 17 of its future joiners due to start in September 2010 to voluntarily defer for 12 months.