£200K-a-year Lord Saville proves most hands-off SCJ

The court sat for 33 days out of a possible 45, in which it heard 14 substantive appeals and two applications for appeal.

Lord Hope SCJ was the most active judge, appearing on all but two of the cases and totting up 29 sitting days. Lord Brown SCJ came second with 26 days and Lady Hale SCJ came third with 22 days.

It is understood that Saville SCJ made appearances in the Privy Council, but produced just 23 paragraphs of judgment in the Michaelmas term.

According to court listings, the judge will not make an appearance in the Supreme Court this term but will sit twice in the Privy Council – the first time was on 21 January and the second will be on 22 February.

Supreme Court justices earn an annual salary of more than £200,000.

Saville SCJ is currently presiding over the Bloody Sunday inquiry. At £200m it is the most expensive public investigation in legal history. The report was due to be published before Christmas, but is now not expected for several months.