Irvine's days numbered say bookies

Lawyers praying for the downfall of their nemesis, the Lord Chancellor, can now put money on him losing his job.

City Index has come up with a points system evaluating the political survival of Labour Cabinet members.

In a complicated betting system, the message is clear – Lord Irvine is not considered a hot survival prospect.

Each Cabinet position has a different points tally. Irvine rates 35 points. If he falls out of favour politically, his points rating will drop.

City punters can make money if they are able to forecast – more accurately than the City Index bookies – what will happen to Lord Irvine's tally by the end of August.

A City Index spokesman says: “There is a chance he might go, because we think Irvine's wallpaper is going to come back and haunt him.

“Most punters are City boys, but there are plenty of lawyers with lots of money.”