Nun notes

Tulkinghorn is a traditional chap and thinks being a nun is a woman’s job. He finds the idea of a bunch of middle-aged men wimpled-up and pretending to be lyrical nuns a little strange. For Ashurst‘s corporate partners, however, it’s a fact of life.

The firm’s corporate getaway is fast approaching and, in what appears to have become traditional style, the department’s leading lights are tuning up their vocal cords to provide some light entertainment for their associates.

Presumably ‘team building’ and ‘getting down with the kids’ is the aim. Last year junior lawyers were regaled with several numbers from the hit musical Oliver. This year it’s – you’ve guessed it – The Sound of Music. Hence the nuns.

A quartet of the angelic voices of Roger Finbow, Stephen Lloyd, Adrian Clark and Charlie Geffen singing Climb Ev’ry Mountain is sure to get the associates clapping along. Tulkinghorn cannot confirm rumours that the partners will change the lyrics to “Bill Ev’ry Hour”.