Hill Dickinson bags holy Scouse nous

Being dumped by a client is never a good thing, so being dumped after 128 years has got to hurt. But that is how long Gamon Arden & Co had been advising the Diocese of Liverpool before the church decided it was better off with Hill Dickinson.

But it is not simply that Hill Dickinson is better at ecclesiastical work – the North West firm just happened to poach Gamon Arden’s star lawyer to the church.

Roger Arden, registrar and bishop’s legal secretary to the Diocese of Liverpool and a former Gamon Arden partner, has joined Hill Dickinson as a consultant.

The divorce must have been a tough one as Arden’s grandfather founded the firm and his dad still practises there. Interesting family, actually – his sister is Lady Justice Arden.

But we digress. Hill Dickinson itself confesses that it wants to “exploit” Arden’s unrivalled experience in church matters.

And why not?Arden sees Hill Dickinson as giving him the right mix of work for his needs – property, employment, ecclesiastical and charity law – so it appears he’s exploiting the firm for his own needs. Two-way exploitation – clearly a marriage ordained in heaven.