Stars in your lies

Tulkinghorn is a little glum this week. Normally the first to sign up for conferences, particularly if they are on foreign shores, he has missed out this year on the annual real estate love-in that is Mipim.
It seems that one of The Lawyer's journalists has chosen real estate as her specialist subject and so has assumed responsibility for covering the event. Tulkinghorn is not impressed and would like to point out to cynical readers that his absence has nothing to do with any alleged antics at last year's event in Cannes. Claims that Tulkinghorn vandalised the motor yacht Casablanca by scrawling 'Stephen Byers rules OK' down its side were never proven and continue to be most strenuously denied. Tulkinghorn is particularly disappointed not to be going, because on boardthe Casablanca this year Lovells will be hosting a drinks and live 'music' party. The line-up for the band is intriguing, for alongside regulars John Condliffe and Bob Kidby (Lovells' home brew), the invite proclaims that Eric Clapton from Strut & Rocker and BB King from Mississippi Property Asset Managers will also (possibly) be starring.
Tulkinghorn's able assistant will, of course, be reporting back on whether the event lives up to its billing, and indeed on any other misadventures taking place. You are forewarned.