Male problems

Email 'abuse' in the workplace has been big news in recent months. It's not surprising, then, that one law firm has decided to conduct a breakfast meeting for clients on the very subject.
The briefing asserts that the firm will “consider the use and abuse of email by employees, including confidentiality issues, an employer's liabilities to employees and to third parties and the preservation, disclosure and use of email as evidence”. No doubt very useful, but which law firm is it? Charles Russell, of course. Could it really be any other? After all, Charles Russell was the respondent in what is believed to be the very first case arising from a discriminatory email.
Three weeks ago, Rachel Walker, a black secretary from Peckham in South London, was awarded a substantial payout on the grounds of race and sex discrimination. Solicitor Adam Dowdney described as a “senseless and thoughtless joke” the message he had sent partner Clive Hopewell hours after Rachel Walker had handed in her notice, saying she was moving on to a new job. “Can we go for a real fit busty blonde this time?” he wrote. “She can't be any more trouble and at least it would provide some entertainment.” Before Walker left the firm, she inadvertently saw the email and complained to the head of personnel. Clearly, the firm has much to share after the experience. Tulkinghorn can only assume tickets will go like hotcakes.