Linklaters and Pinsents get thumbs up from BOC lawyer

Global gas company BOC has formalised its panel of legal advisers in the UK under recently-instated head of legal Nick Deeming

Before the relationships were formalised, only Slaughter and May was named publicly as a main adviser to the £5bn global gas company.
Following discussions with the firms over the last two months, Deeming has sent letters to advisers Slaughter and May, Linklaters and Pinsent Curtis Biddle, stating that their services will be retained.
Deeming said he has formalised and strengthened existing relationships with key firms rather than undertaken a panel review, because no firms were dropped by the company.
“With Slaughters, Linklaters and Pinsent Curtis Biddle, as well as a few others we may use from time to time, we're at the point where we've formalised our ongoing relationships,” Deeming commented.

“Slaughters remains our primary adviser. The others have done bits and bobs and now I&#39m formalising the relationships between us”
Nick Deeming, BOC

Deeming said that, although he has now named other preferred advisers, Slaughters' role will remain unchanged. Slaughters is and will remain to be the company's main corporate adviser.
“Although I've named Pinsents and Linklaters as firms we formally use, I've done this as a practical way of implementing best practice, which will help me get the best for BOC,” said Deeming. “Slaughters remains our primary adviser. The others have done bits and bobs and now I'm formalising the relationships between us.”
This formalisation is a good sign for Pinsents, which in the past has handled only minor pieces of regulatory work for BOC. Deeming has a strong relationship with Pinsents, having used the firm on a regular basis at his last company, Sema.