Joseph's magic dreamsuits

Being an old and portly sort of chap, Tulkinghorn has enormous trouble buying a new suit, even at the most respectable of gentleman's outfitters. So imagine his envy when he met Jason McCue, partner at media firm H20, who has no trouble fitting into the trendiest of designer suits. Why? Because some of them were designed for him.
As a young chap, McCue went out to Tokyo for a job with Slaughter and May. But as he didn't own a suit, he didn't really fit in. So, being too penniless to buy one, he left. In a bizarre twist of fate, the young McCue then secured employment modelling clothes, mainly suits, for fashion designers in Tokyo. As well as occasional jaunts down the catwalk, McCue was employed as a human mannequin by designers who wanted to see how clothes hung before they got to the fashion shows. He remembers one particular designer, Joseph, whose suits were always adjusted to fit him perfectly. And now, says McCue, Joseph suits are still a perfect fit. “I don't know if it's because the standard size was based on me, or whether it is a coincidence,” he muses.
Now he is a lawyer, McCue still prefers not to wear a suit, but if he does, it just has to be Joseph.