Tackling police corruption – more than just a hobby

The challenge of reconciling the demands of a busy practice with a valuable pro bono contribution has proved too much for Paul Weiss litigator Mark Pomerantz.

Pomerantz, a partner in Paul Weiss’s New York office, took up the voluntary role of chair of the Commission to Combat Police Corruption 18 months ago, but has been forced to resign as it was taking too much time away from his white-collar crime and regulatory litigation practice.

The commission, set up in 1995 by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, monitors the anti-corruption measures of the New York Police Department. Pomerantz told The Lawyer: “The commission work, in order to be more effective, really requires a substantial time commitment.”

US law firms continue to set the standard when it comes to pro bono work, so expect his shoes to be filled quickly.