Get with the programme

Everybody knows there’s never anything decent on TV, but surely things can’t be getting this bad?

Tulkinghorn has learnt that Ricochet, the wonderful people who gave us Supernanny and Colin and Justin’s How Not to Decorate, are embarking on a new legal reality show that promises to inflict lawyers on the unsuspecting TV-viewing public.

Solicitors and barristers with a background in personal injury, clinical negligence, unfair dismissal and land disputes have the chance to appear on TV advising contestants on potential slip and trip, clinical negligence and unfair dismissal cases, or disputes over property. The panel of lawyers then has the option of taking the case on a no-win, no-fee basis.

The whole thing has given Tulkinghorn another television idea: Supernanny Jo Frost could be drafted in to help the Hammonds miscreant on how to break the weeing in ladies’ shoes habit. To the naughty room!

Lawyers thinking of applying should email lawshow@richochet., or phone 01273 224800.