Dewey partners uploaded to LeBoeuf

LeBoeuf Lamb Greene & MacRae’s website now includes all of Dewey Ballantine’s partners, despite the combination between the two firms not going live until Monday 1 October.

The two firms announced on Wednesday (26 September) that the respective partnerships had voted “overwhelmingly” in favour of the combination (, 26 September).

Despite LeBoeuf chairman Steve Davis heading the combined firm and Dewey dissolving its own partnership deed to accept LeBoeuf’s structure, the firms have been careful to paint the tie-up as a merger of equals rather than a takeover of Dewey by LeBoeuf.

But LeBoeuf’s current website,, now lists all of Dewey’s partners with no reference to their legacy firm. Instead, Dewey partners have their current Manhattan office address, Sixth Avenue, against their names in parenthesis, while Dewey’s London partners have their City address of One London Wall. In London the combined firm will eventually be housed at LeBoeuf’s offices on Mincing Lane.

The Dewey website does not include LeBoeuf’s partner names.