You can run but you can't hide

Let this following tale be a warning to all readers of Tulkinghorn. If you do not cooperate then Tulkinghorn will be forced to track you down personally. Readers may remember seeing the above woman in full dancing queen mode at The Lawyer Awards. At the time, Tulkinghorn asked his loyal readership to find out who the foxy lady was.
You can run but you cannot hide from Tulkinghorn, who sent one of his minions to Wiltshire on the trail of said lady. The delightful Vanessa Pawsey, one of The Lawyer's bloodhound reporters, tracked her down to Cholderton, near Salisbury, where she was enjoying a weekend out of London.
Pawsey says: “I was sitting in my friend's kitchen when she walked in. I recognised her immediately.” But what may have come across as a bizarre coincidence was actually the end of months of undercover investigation.
And now for the moment of truth: the lady in question is Katie Scott, a barrister (but then Tulkinghorn assumed that from the 'high-on-life' stance) at 39 Essex Street.