St Philips chief clerk joins North West set

Witcomb described Deans Court as a successful set with a very high reputation. He added that his departure from St Philips was amicable, but he is looking forward to a change.
Witcomb has seen many changes in the set since he first joined 7 Fountain Court in June 1988, the set which merged with Priory Chambers a decade later to become St Philips.
“I've witnessed the amazing growth of size and profile of the set, and I'm delighted to have been a part of it,” he reflected.
He will replace Terry Creathorn as senior clerk at the smaller Deans Court. She departed earlier this year. Senior clerk Richard Fowler will replace Witcomb as head of criminal law work at St Philips, but he will not be replaced as chief clerk.
Witcomb began his career as a legal executive at a West Midlands prosecuting firm in December 1979, and witnessed its transition into the Criminal Prosecution Service office in 1986, where he remained until he joined 7 Fountain Court.