Drake: My Jungle Hell

Globalisation seems to know no bounds. At Collyer-Bristow the partners have renamed the usual pilgrimage to wannabe international behemoths, such as Germany and the US, in favour of breaking virgin territory. Head of the matrimonial department Michael Drake was sent by management to take the word of Collyer-Bristow's client care programme to the Amazon. Diligently, he tracked down lost tribes in the jungle who have had no contact with the outside world and gave them all powerpoint presentations about how Collyer-Bristow will “advise sympathetically, negotiate firmly and litigate with vigour” in the event of marital breakdown. Rather smart thinking – why fight against the big boys when you can form your own niche? And of course, to help him stay abreast of which markets are going to be this season's new black, Drake needed only one publication – The Lawyer: bringing legal news to the world.