IFPI wins back legal star from BPI

Leading music industry lawyer Geoff Taylor is to rejoin IFPI as general counsel and executive vice-president little more than 12 months after leaving for the British Phonographic Industry (BPI).

Taylor had been general counsel at the BPI since June 2004. His departure has paved the way for Roz Groome to take the general counsel role, which she held before Taylor joined the organisation.

Taylor, who will report to IFPI chairman John Kennedy, will oversee the litigation and licensing activities on behalf of record company members, as well as taking responsibility for the internet anti-piracy strategy and regulatory matters.

His previous role at the IFPI between 1997 and 2004 was deputy general counsel and director of litigation and regulatory affairs.

Both Taylor and Groome have been pivotal in the music industry’s fight against peer-to-peer networks. During his time at the BPI, Taylor extended the fight when he took the controversial decision to sue individual users of peer-to-peer software.