15 New Bridge St celebrates soaring turnover

Criminal chambers 15 New Bridge Street is celebrating a hugely successful first year after its demerger from civil set Hardwicke Building.

Turnover for the 54-member set is up 14.2 per cent compared with its last year as part of Lincoln’s Inn-based Hardwicke. The two sets demerged last summer, with the criminal and fraud practice moving out of the Inn to its own premises close to Blackfriars.

A total of 49 tenants under the leadership of Patrick Upward QC made the move and 15 New Bridge Street has recruited an additional five members during the year.

The set practises every area of criminal law, ranging from shoplifting to serious fraud, and relies on publicly funded work for much of its income. Many of 15 New Bridge Street’s members have recently been refusing new cases affected by cuts in legal aid fees along with the majority of the criminal bar.

Senior clerk Gary Brown said: “It’s been a fantastic year – it couldn’t have gone better. We don’t regret the move for a second.”

He said part of the success came down to the smoothness of the split from Hardwicke and the cordial relations between the two sets.

On 10 October, The Lawyer reported that Hardwicke had also enjoyed a successful first year, with turnover up 16 per cent to around £10m.