Media firm forms in-house group

LONDON firm Davenport Lyons has set up an association for in-house media lawyers.

The first meeting of Legato, held last week, attracted a range of lawyers from television, music publishing, film and cable companies.

But speaker Ray Snoddy, Financial Times media correspondent, had a gloomy message when he said he was “enormously sceptical of the information super-highway”.

The media explosion would not capture the imagination of essentially conservative consumers and lawyers might do better to go into insolvency work, he said.

Some products would take off, but it would be difficult to predict which ones. The key was to keep a close eye on the consumers, he said.

David Phillips, chief executive, says Legato is an informal association aiming to bring lawyers together from the employed sector.

He adds that it is also an opportunity for Davenport Lyons to attract new clients.

It is hoped that Legato will meet every two or three months.