Litigation Writs 25/10/94

An Ormskirk man severely injured in an attack by three fellow Englishmen at Magaluf, Majorca in 1992, has launched High Court action against those he claims were responsible. John Crolla is claiming damages for assault and battery.

Writ issued by Jeffrey Green Russell, London W1. C2248

Cornish businessman faces High Court action over claims that he persuaded a wealthy American woman to give him over $1 million. The claim against Sidney Allen and his wife Valeria, is made by the executor and administrator of divorcee, Susan Tepper, who died in February 1991.

The writ claims Allen, who was Tepper's chauffeur used undue influence to persuade her to make over a total of $1,045,000 to him in the form of a loan, a gift and a property business investment.

Writ issued by Barry Phillips & Co, London W1. CH 5033

The widow of Cosmo Ancona, a self-employed carpenter and a father of three, who died when his car was engulfed in flames after a multiple pile up on the M4 on 13 March 1991, seeks damages in a writ which has been transferred to the High Court.

Marilyn Ancona, 40, and Sandra Carter, an administrator of Ancona's estate, are suing Justin Biddle, of Bristol, over the crash and Biddle has joined nine others as third and fourth parties to the action.

The action has been brought under the Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1934 and the Fatal Accidents Act 1976.

Writ issued by Sheppards, Bristol. A1984

Timothy Dalton, who takes star role of Rhett Butler in the sequel to the classic film 'Gone with the Wind', has launched a libel action against Express Newspapers over a Daily Express story which appeared with the headline, "Frankly, I don't give a damn for Scarlett".

He claims the story, which appeared in the Daily Express on 23 July this year, indicated he had traduced and disparaged the sequel and his fellow performers, and was disloyal and ungrateful.

Dalton claims his character and professional reputation have been severely injured and in addition to seeking libel damages is asking for a court order to further restrain publication of the words he complains of.

Writ issued by Davenport Lyons, London W1. D953