Litigation Recent Decisions 25/10/94

Blom-Cooper: disclosure S.62 Housing Act 1985

R v Poole Borough Council, Ex Parte Cooper (1994) (QBD 03.10.94.) (Sir Louis Blom-Cooper QC)

Summary: Homeless housing applicant is entitled to disclosure of information obtained by a housing authority in its inquiries on whether the applicant is intentionally homeless.

Application for judicial review of council finding that applicant was intentionally homeless where she had been evicted by court order on the ground of nuisance and the council had acted on information from her former landlord. He had attributed the trouble to a boyfriend cohabiting with her and said that he suspected that damage to his car had been caused by the boyfriend after she had been evicted, although he could not prove this. Although the council conveyed the substance of the information given by the landlord to the applicant, it did not mention his suspicions about the damage to his car.