'Far-fetched and baseless'

I refer to the story published in The Lawyer on 11 October, on the alleged disappearance of a pamphlet published by Amnesty International.

Firstly, we strongly object to the insinuation that this High Commission's officials were behind the disappearance. Nothing could be more far fetched and baseless.

Secondly, the very title of Amnesty's pamphlet is erroneous. It tends to give the impression that isolated cases of human rights violations committed by individuals in Pakistan could be equated with the state repression unleashed by India in the Indian-held Kashmir, where over 600,000 troops are killing and raping innocent civilians.

It is a matter of pride for the present government in Pakistan that it is consolidating the democratic process and has done far more than any other government, to protect human rights. The government has already invited an Amnesty team to visit and see for themselves the progress being made.

Masood Khalid

First Secretary

Information Division

High Commission for Pakistan

36 Lowndes Square

London SW1X 9JN